Conference Recordings & Q&A:

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Conference Q&A: 

Keynote- Welcome to the New Normal - Key trends in the Global Market Place, Paul Hodges, New Normal Consulting

Keynote - Regulation of Co-formulants in the Agrochemical Industry, Mike Carroll, Eden Research

Pyrrolidone Polymers in agrochemical formulations, Apostolos Sevastos, Syngenta

Novel & New: “Active Inerts” Alter the Chemistry of Water, Have Activity in the Soil, and Stimulate the Plant, Chris Jordan, JRX Biotech

Increasing the Formulator’s Toolbox of Biopesticides, Ling Qi

Keynote- Improvement of Droplet Retention on Water Repellent Plant surfaces in Agriculture Spray Application, Kerstin Koch

Suspension Concentrate Formulation Design and Performance for Low Spray Volume and UAS Spray Application., Malcolm Faers, Bayer

Alcohol ethoxylates efficiently enhancing diffusion of epoxiconazole in isolated cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus L.) cuticles do not increase rates of cuticular transpiration, Lukas Schreiber, Bonn University

Monday, April 25th:

Opening Session 

Session 2 -Adjuvants & Sustainability

Tuesday, April 26th:

Session 3 - Modeling and Methods Spray Drift

Session 4 -  Biological Performance Use and Application Mode of Action 1

Session 5 -  New Applications and Technologies 1

Session 6 -  Formulation and Adjuvant Technology 1

Wednesday, April 27th:

Session 7 - Modeling and Methods Retention and Rain Fastness

Session 8 - Modeling and High Thought Put Methodologies

Session 9 - Biological Performance Use and Application Mode of Action

Thursday, April 28th:

Session 10 - ISAA Meeting

Session 11 - Adjuvants & Sustainability

Session 12

Friday, April 29th:

Session 13 - New Applications and Technologies 

Session 14 - Formulation and Adjuvant Technology